We currently offer classes and private sessions in :

             Aerial Hoop               Chrome Pole Fitness             Aerial Sling          Rope   

             Static Trapeze               Aerial Silks             Pole Silks             Kids Classes  

               Aerial Conditioning,   Acro, Headstands, Headstands     Stretch/flexibility





All of our group classes follow a similar format.

Each class is 60mins long.  (kids classes  45mins, workshops Variable)

We begin with a warm up to prepare us for the activities ahead.

We then move onto the equipment where we will work on specific tricks and moves suitable for the class level.  Time is also set aside to work on strength and conditioning exercises, improving flexibility, combinations and time for students to work on their own goals.

At the end of every class we will finish with a cool down and stretch to minimize any aching muscles. 

Please wear ankle length sports leggings and T'shirt for all Aerial Classes

Shorts and T'Shirt for Pole Silks and Chrome Pole