Using Static Trapeze, Silks, Rope, Hoop and Aerial Hammocks CircusFit Flyers is a fitness training programme which develops strength and flexibility, using the training techniques of professional circus aerialists in a safe, fun and effective fitness class format. Similar to a regular circuits fitness class you may have attended at your local gym but using the aerial equipment, so it might be pull ups in the hoop, climbing the silks, etc.
No previous Aerial experience is required so this class is perfect for beginners or those more advanced students who want to focus on building strength, flexibility and general fitness.

Strong Not Skinny

​Our Strong Not Skinny class uses a variety of floor based exercises to help us get strong and improve our general fitness. This class is suitable for those with no aerial experience and those advanced students wishing to work on their strength to compliment their aerial training,

CircusFit Flyers/Aerial Conditioning Class